How to Hide Knots on Highlights Wig Human Hair

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How to Hide Knots on Highlights Wig Human Hair

Сообщение alihair » Чт окт 14, 2021 10:44 am

The fall is here. Do you want to have a beautiful fall-friendly color wig but don't know how to deal with it to make it looks realistic? We are here to give you some options if you want to switch up your hair color.

Blench knots on a Colored Wig are not the same as the natural black human hair wig. On lots of colored wigs, we can not bleach the knots because the hair has been colored. Here is something new to know about how to hide those knots without bleaching.

The highlights lace wig is the most fall-friendly and hot selling colored wig in the autumn. So today, we want to demonstrate for you all how to fake bleached knots to get a Highlight Wig to looks better.

If you know anything about human hair wigs, you will know that the knots on the wig are very vivid when you are very close to the wig. There is no way to avoid this when doing a wig because the hair must be tied to the cap, and this is the knot we see.

What is a reverse bleach? When we spray it on the side of the cap and where the hair is, it will evaporate as it dries. So when we spritz it on the first time, we will notice it looks intense, but then as it starts to dry, it will begin to soften up, and sometimes you can still see the knots.

When we do it on the top of the Colored Lace Front Wigs instead of under the cap, we can better hide those knots and see what happens. We will get it into the hair some, but we suggested using a holding spray and spray it over the top to make sure that the product sticks.

If you still can see some of those knots on your highlights wig, go back and spray over it again. In between these sprays, we need to wait for a moment to let it dry. We can spritz a little more the second time as it dries, it will evaporate some, and that product will disappear.

If you do not plan to pull the hairline with tweezers on your highlights wig, but you only want to make sure it looks natural, then even colored lace will give the hairline a softer effect because it will cover the hairline around the knot.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
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