How To Maintain Brazilian Deep Wave Wig

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How To Maintain Brazilian Deep Wave Wig

Сообщение alihair » Вт авг 31, 2021 12:13 pm

Deep Wave Wig always gives us a gorgeous look. It makes us more beautiful, especially for black women. A gorgeous hair is not just good luck. It is something that you need to work for, care for, and cherish. It represents a woman's unique style and personality, as well as her health and history. In order to maintain this beauty forever, let’s talk about how to maintain Body Wave Wig today.

Washing is very critical in maintaining any type of hair so deep wave weave cannot be an exception. Hair that is washed using the right procedures can last longer than expected which is all points to you and more service to you.

Condition the hair before using any shampoo on it. The pre-conditioner will ensure that the moisture in your Water Wave Wig does not get stripped by the shampoo which will leave it very dry. The conditioner will ensure your hair is well protected.

How to Deep Condition Deep Wave Weave
Did you know that an extension is exactly like your natural hair and it needs extreme care because with one wrong move you will spoil your weave extension to the point of no repair? How do you deep condition a deep weave wave?

A deep conditioner is used as a co-wash. Therefore, you have to be extra careful how you go about it. Ensure the deep conditioner is rich in moisture which will be very gentle to your hair and keep your cuticles moisturized.

Apply a good amount of conditioner on your hair extension in a downward motion. Do this while using your fingers and ensure that every strand is well coated with the deep conditioner.

After you feel that the amount of product in the hair is enough, cover it using a hair cap or shower cap for 30minutes or more (if possible).

This step is essential in maintaining Brazilian deep wave hairstyles. Wash the virgin hair extension thoroughly before moving on to the next step. Do this and remove any product from the hair preferably using running warm water because hot water will damage the cuticles.

Run your fingers through the hair to ensure there are no tangles and if there are any, deep condition that area again until you are satisfied.

When you run your fingers through your extension, you will see how bouncy it is and the curls will b more visible.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
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