then Chicago-based Container Corporation of America

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then Chicago-based Container Corporation of America

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“LA La Land” will be the one to beat at this year’s Oscars, having scored a record-equaling 14 nominations.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are up for best actor and actress for their roles in the modern musical romance.

It is also one of nine films up for the best picture award.

Sci-fi film “Arrival” and coming-of-age drama “Moonlight” have eight nominations each.

The 14 nominations of “La La Land” put it on the same footing as “All About Eve” and “Titanic,” which both received 14 nominations in 1951 and 1998 respectively.

It is now the most nominated musical in Oscar history, having topped the 13 nods that “Mary Poppins” and “Chicago” received.

Damien Chazelle is nominated both for his direction and original screenplay , while his film has two nominations in the best song category.

The film, which received 11 Bafta nominations earlier this month, gets additional nods for its score, editing and cinematography.

It is also shortlisted for its costume and production design and for its sound editing and mixing.

Yet its double best song nomination means it is unlikely to pull off a clean sweep — unless, that is , there is a tie in that category.

“Ben-Hur,” “Titanic” and the third “Lord of the Rings” film share the record for Oscar wins, having each won 11 awards.

“Fences,” “Hacksaw Ridge,” “Hell or High Water ,” “Hidden Figures,” “Lion” and “Manchester by the Sea” join “Arrival,” “La La Land” and “Moonlight” on the best picture shortlist.

Britain’s Andrew Garfield is nominated alongside Gosling in the best actor category for his role in war drama “Hacksaw Ridge.”

Casey Affleck, Viggo Mortensen and Denzel Washington are also shortlisted for “Manchester by the Sea,” “Captain Fantastic” and “Fences” respectively.

Meryl Streep gets her 20th Oscar nomination , in the best actress category, for her role in “Florence Foster Jenkins.”

Natalie Portman, Ruth Negga and France’s Isabelle Huppert are also in contention for their roles in “Jackie,” “Loving” and “Elle.”

In a statement, Stone said she was “so grateful” for her best actress nomination and “overjoyed” “La La Land” had “connected with audiences.”

Harris is joined in the supporting actress category by “Fences” star Viola Davis and Michelle Williams of “Manchester by the Sea.”
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Coat an 8x8 baking pan with non stick spray, spoon batter into pan and spread evenly. Your desire to interpret it in a specific way is irrelevant. This means that every day is a brand new day, his life starts afresh. There are now many expert craftspeople in this region producing silver and turquoise jewelry.

If she has a moment of realisation/gets help/apologises thats great. How could it be otherwise? The homes people were removed from during our more recent housing crisis have sat empty, how could that possibly be helpful to humans, or to non human entities such as banks.

His last four Instagram posts, before Haig paid content, were of his family. Latency will also change based on all the factors I listed above for bandwidth.. Id play both for different experiences and expectations.. I was insanely skinny growing up, never the chubby kid.

I should not be making only $19,000 a year with a two year degree.. Some laws should be defined by the government for letting a child to work, stating the types of jobs a child can do, maximum number of hours and the conditions in which they can work.

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Last October, City Press profiled Dlamini as he was setting up his factory. Being able to guess the pitch based on the count/situation and reacting to it accordingly to see that mammoth game winning home run was incredibly rewarding. Especially in 2009 when everyone had mw2 and my friend would come over and we would play that for hours.

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In the end, he refused to drink anymore, which left me 5 full bottles to guzzle down. They're aggressively punctuated, and even unopened I sensed they were judging me. Its a beautiful time of year, and I working on getting the kids to appreciate that over the material crap.
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I don owe it to you to not make it political. This is not one of my particular fascinations right now like Czech dagger beads are, but it is a widely used technique with many possibilities for jewelry making. It may have its errors, but this only makes it the more loveable for its imperfections.Hopefully my narration of important scenes and dialogue explanations made the movie more enjoyable for non Colombians who can confused with the excessive use of slang (called Parlache, a slang language accepted by the Spanish Royal Academy, it even has its own dictionary).

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cheapjerseys There was a post either here or on the main motorcycle subreddit where the OP was complaining about how every trip he/she took was filled with close calls. Briatore, on the other hand, apart from Crash Gate was biased for 1994 95 Fuel Gates, where Benetton used a "fast release" pump that released fuel faster in the car and wasn safe in the detachment from the tank valve, hence the Jos Verstappen flame incident in where Jos and others risked much more than a superficial burn.The "Banned Traction Control", where allegedly Schumi used traction control when it was banned; now, Benetton in 1994 was a good car and Schumi a driver from another category, Williams had the best car but struggled in the start of the season and after Senna perished they found themselves with Damon Hill, which isn a bad driver in any means, but was no Schumi or Senna.Telling that, it was found that in Benetton software, if the driver went down on the "option menu" there was an invisible line that was operative and contained the traction control software.Now, we can all agree that anyways Schumacher wouldn probably need that to replicate the results he did in but it was still present and we can exclude the possibility that TC was actually used.This was also a crucial point in another messy situation that Briatore would replicate at Renault later, the "Teammate Gate".Again, those are drivers that were nowhere near Michael in terms of ability, and struggled with the same car.They pointed out, especially Lehto and Herbert, that treatment in the team was preferential and they drived a car that was nowhere as fast or stable as the one Schumi had, and that he did in fact had a traction control of some sort.Now, where we can take their word as excuses to be not fast as the Kaiser, we can deny the fact they were pretty much "sacrificial lambs" were the second car was put out only to make the count as Briatore would always prefer to make the best car possible for his stronger driver and neglect number two in terms of setup, quality or even updates and good parts share.For the TC claims on their behalf, you be the judge, I don express my self there.Then the "Mass damper" that Renault had in 2005, where he claimed that to be fantasy and then to be just a futile thing, trying to cover what they did and if they were legal or not, only to cry in disgust when the FIA banned the solution in 2006.Renault in 2005 06 was a beast, and with Nando would have won anyways cheapjerseys.
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What the INFJ needs to do is slow down and think about how their body works, how it feels, and how they can express their emotions through it. After serving in World War II, he married his wife, Eileen, in 1948 and hoped to become an artist. We'll talk to them on the special coming up in a couple of weeks.

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He paints vivid pictures that feature a flock of bats as the main characters. They actually hire top managers, human resources department, and others to hire people to act on behalf of the owners. So it is best to be sensible and not ignore it. Jim was a freshman in college when he stated a short comedy show with puppets.

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A bottle of 190 proof Everclear has a freezing point of 173.2 F ( 114 C), so it would come out well chilled but still 100 percent liquid after a day in the freezer [source: Sauce]. A 2% increase is not worth 300 000 dollars. It certainly seemed like these devices were delivering on their futuristic promises of functionality and seamless integration..

Americans think of brown rats when they think of New York CityNow I am a rural sort of person, and I know the mostly nocturnal brown rats, or common rats are out there in the night somewhere; and hiding somewhere by day. If people want their own personal AIs to share their religion, then it will.

That is the hate i was referring to thanks for proving my point. Some animals, such as sponges and tapeworms, are lacking even this. These may be broadly classified according to the nerve segment affected. Fond memories of parents and grandparents cooking and cleaning in a kitchen draped in cheerful colors, steel cabinets and sleek metal appliances are common mental images of the ideal kitchen..

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The Game for All Kids! had an explosive growth in numbers from 100,000 players in 1974 to over 1 million in the early 1990s. Oh wait, I know. My husband left me to be with another woman. This is a common meaning in cheating dreams because the majority of men and women don't want to live alone.

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Voting is one of the most visible ways for South Africans to demonstrate good citizenship and civil responsibility. Casting further doubt on this conclusion is the fact there were a number of other Jewish Messianic figures from the time, some even engaging in pitched and prolonged battles with Roman forces.

It is up to you how you tackle the topic; just make sure you have fun writing.. Western Oaks is a member group of the Oak Hill Association of Neighborhoods.. 2 points submitted 6 days ago. Fuck these people.. The mechanics and designs of these kinds of levels are absolutely fantastic.

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Doesn matter where you are in ability. For "Nightline" Lindsey Janice in New York. The reason is: its highly competitive and its brutal in that sense. After the acute phase the person will get better and in as many as 60 to 80 percent of the time the person will never develop any further symptoms.

cheap mlb jerseys It has a bit of a negative stigma amongst the upper classes, in my opinion. A medium can help with all these things as well but don't be surprised if you visit a medium for a basic reading and your late Aunt Sally pops in for a chat. So I tell myself, "once there, all you have to do is walk on the treadmill for five minutes and lift weights for five minutes." Of course once I actually get there I tend to do much more, but it makes me feel like I accomplished something by showing up but it takes the pressure off of myself.. cheap mlb jerseys

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Be sure to take along a larger piece of luggage than you need for your clothes, so you have some extra room when you pack to go home for souvenirs and other purchases. Oculus was announced and I was hyped for DK2 but I didn want to pay that price. I would love the watch that guy speak.

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It was comedy pitched at a high (or, just as often, low) level and it was done live, every Saturday night at 9. I think basketball is probably the hardest of the big four sports to officiate and the refs have to walk a fine line between calling the game by the book and letting the players play.

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What? Maybe it because I extremely tired but I cannot make this sentence make any sort of sense in my head. What certifications can you get that applies to your field? Are there any internships or apprenticeships that apply? Go and get them while you can, because it might be too late when you graduate..

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So, yeah, I think there a lot more than ten, but we don hear about them because they aren marking their trail, like the Hillside Strangler(s), or taunting the police, like Zodiac or Jack the Ripper. An analysis of the DNA of 379 Europeans and 286 East Asians revealed genomes not characteristic of modern humans.

He also got to protect the plate and foul a pitch off if it in the zone on a two strike count, so a curveball an easy look for him. After solokilling him 2 times before 5 minutes he started to play very safe and just farm under his tower. By 1936, Christiansen became a toymaker, producing more than 40 different toys carved from wood.

cheapjerseys His family don't want him to be a runner. If this was all he ever wrote about i agree, but his other songs show that he experiences different emotions and sees himself in a different light all the time. The sex of the chicks produced from this cross can be determined during the first 48 hours after hatching by looking at the primary and secondary feathers located on the chick's wings. cheapjerseys

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Check out the Blog Giveaway Directory to see how I format my giveaway posts. Each hub can be read independently and not in sequential order. If you watch it closely you can stop a problem before it gets started. And when it comes to Iran, all Arab states are fearful of them acquiring nukes due Islamic differences, and the fact that Iranians are Persian, not Arabs.

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5 skills also makes for some good fun. HK is a great place to travel solo I think because it's so overwhelmingly dense and keeping track of other people you're with would seem problematic.. They believe it is Podesta (with no reason to believe it other than they want to) but the way they talk about it, it seems like a bunch of people have viewed it and probably spread it around, even if just through PMs, but they definitely have connected through this subreddit.
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You can hit 2 runs, 3, 4 or even six. What the reason to collect crystals? I think to help progress in the story. ConclusionOverall, continuous improvement plays a critical role in a company's development strategy. Aggro unfortunately doesn work the way I like it to, so suppressing enemies is the best way to take heat off your team.And whenever flanks are secure, just wade face front into the enemy heavies and go for the weak points.

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Shabeeha and shelling killed nearly 80 civillians. Parked in the infield. One notable experience that seemed to ignite the whole hysteria behind the werewolf phenomena was an event in 1591. Do you support putting restrictions on the media and the president sent now he does and but sit that's kind of what we're seeing here is this is.

I think Netflix does, steam comes close to 40 to 50 mb/s which is what you would get with 400 down if it were going max speed. You'll probably want some sort of valance or fascia as well. Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis and Greg Rutherford produced that dazzling, golden 45 minutes in the Olympic Stadium with Farah repeating his exploits in the 5,000m a week later.

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In this case, the marble will neither slow down nor speed up. Kinect was promised to be a permanent part of the Xbox One ecosystem. And if you want to profit off of these parties you can always ask for a budget or do a per person charge. Grandpa had a tall clock in the parlour.

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I live in rural PA, and I have like at least 8 ISPs that I know of, maybe more. In all, the Yankees pounded out 21 hits against Athletics pitchers, who threw 237 pitches.. The dude doesn't even have to deal with the tough aspects of the sport like prep, he basically makes money off projecting his lifestyle.
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The process by which the body produces blood is called hematopoiesis. Kwa mfano, tunaweza kukupatia huduma ya kukukumbusha juu ya password yako au kukujulisha kwamba huduma husika imesimamishwa kwa matengenezo. It is the rare custody case where both parents are amiable, agreeable, and genuinely do what is best for their child(ren).

If you wondering if you as a contractor should be doing anything differently, I would say probably not. It looks like there already a lot of good advice in here on how to play her, so I gonna just throw a few important things at you instead of writing a wall of text like I want to haha..

That's probably because, despite the isolation of the outback, it still takes up a staggering 99 percent of the nation [source: DFAT]. Just take a look at Anthem) one of the largest health insurance companies in the US. Keep your head up. And it's really hard to tell someone to be more mysterious..

My sons did not appreciate our bathroom as much as I did but it was a fun and quirky bathroom.. Generally it is the "bravest" driver that gains the advantage, pushing his car in to the front in the hope that others will not drive into them. He had a vision of the very first werewolf in his family.

The "dice roll" program is random, and weighted, but that leaves absolutely no 100% certainties. Period.. Like Vermont it's is my potential trigger regulate. It doesn matter how big, wealthy, or left California is, what matters is the federalist government structure in the US.

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Research your target : the common mistake is that people apply for an internship/job and turn it like they doing the potential boss a favour, while it the other way around. There are also forms of moving meditation, as alluded to when I mentioned the diceplines before.

This part of her story will forever be one of personal tragedy. Engine placement tends to correspond to how the rest of the car is configured specifically, which wheels drive the car. Tom Selleck Makes Brave Statement About His Personal Life He doesn't.

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Even anxiety in certain situations is quite normal and can sometimes even be helpful. But people close to the situation dismissed that as being unrealistic, saying they believed that any sanction likely would be limited to a possible fine.. I probably wouldn do AAA Jordans except for 28 and 29 Kobe LeBrons, KDs, etc.

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If I have a shower I will request it be a recipe shower where people bring a recipe and that recipe made so everyone can try it. Another interactive explains key financial planning terms, including budgeting, goals, interest, financial security, income, savings account, and deposits.

The shaft still spins just like a regular camshaft but by gradually sliding the camshaft laterally as the engine speed and load increase, the valve timing can be optimized.. However, it was very tough going back to work and having to relearn things or learn how to do new things with computers that had changed in that time.

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You changing the topic again. I've always known people eat iguanas in South America, and so it was only logical that the ocelots enjoy eating them as well. I'm tentatively leaning towards a flat one piece toilet.. It was an obvious callback used to settle an issue presented earlier in the episode.

So expecting Snoke to have a Palpatine level backstory is just not realistic, and they would have to focus the story on Snoke instead of Rey and Kylo if they don want to give out just a half ass story for him. Any last minute advice? You have to get rid of the cap and that silly nose plug.

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In 1963, Betty Friedan published "The Feminine Mystique," which described the new generation of overly educated, under employed women who gave up promising careers for the service of hearth and home.. I thought to myself am I seeing this. That means that several different kinds of villi will grab the nutrients, electrolytes and dietary molecules in your sandwich (like the carbohydrates and folic acid from the bread, protein and sodium from the ham, and calcium and vitamin B12 from the cheese).

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Is that a devil? Yeah. Your direction is uncertain. Williams' family won a $10 million lawsuit for his wrongful death from Unit Handling Systems, a division of Litton Industries, the manufacturer that designed the robot.. Want to pull some fun pranks at work on Halloween, but want to remain employed at the same time? No problem.

[ his name is Yehowah] Thy kingdom come. Whether in the context of workplace conduct, advancing policies of diversity and inclusion, or promoting professionalism in all we do, our mission has been to create and sustain model workplaces filled with people of character.

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Ghosts Are Real, Below Is The Video ProofIf you listen carefully to the story told by my late mother in the story below on the three videos you'll hear the best proof ever that ghosts really do exist. Computer architecture goes all the way down to the level of the CPU handling and pipelining individual instructions.

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It not just that it works in theory or in general, its that I knew it would work for me.. Its failure to act leaves us today with no choice but to declare [Section 4] unconstitutional. To help your dog with dry skin, you can feed fresh fish like salmon, mackerel, or sardines (in moderation) or supplement with a liquid fish oil.
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