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ugg classic mini ireland

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I have recently been in contact with Andrew Huang who is CEO at APES (HK) Ltd. They have set up a new project called APET.

APET stands for ADVANCED POWER AND ENERGY TRANSPORTATION Nike Dunk Basse Spur Homme Chaussures Noir Blanche , & the company are developing an electric car that could have a great impact in our struggle against Global Warming.

As their web site states, today's oil consumption cannot be sustained; the current use of oil endangers our health, our economy, and the political and social stability of the world. Presently, 40% of the world's oil fuels the automotive industry, and 65% of oil consumption is in the US transportation sector. Many scientists have found that automobile emissions contribute significantly to global climate change and rising sea levels.

With the new Obama Administration's direction to develop Green Energy as the core industry for the economic recovery program, and its gigantic US$500 billion Apollo Projects, the focus is on developing electric cars and renewable energy. On the other side of the Pacific Chaussures Homme Nike Dunk Basse Pro SB Noir , China's government announced a series of policies embracing the renewable energy and subsidizing generously for electric cars with no less than a US$293 billion budget. The efforts are not only for the nations' interest, but a contribution to a much bigger movement - SAVE THE EARTH.
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