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How To Hide The Headband On A Headband Wig

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As we all know, Headband Wig are cute, easy to wear convenient, and even half the price of lace wigs. But it doesn’t mean everyone all like a headband. Luckily, we can use a headband wig as a half wig by hiding the headband of the headband wig. Now let us look at these steps below.

How To Hide The Headband On A Headband Wig
Step One: Make a part from ear to ear, not leaving out too much but leave out enough to cover the headband, and then use a hand tie to tie the front hair.

Step Two: Then separate a part of the complete horizontal hair from the ear to the back of the ear, and continue to braid it into braids until you can pin all braids up in the back of your head to make it flat in the end.

Step Three: Hide the headband of the Headband Wig Human Hair to create a half wig look and install the half wig. Before you install the half wig, you had better add a wig cap to your head, which can effectively reduce the friction on your natural hair and damage to your natural hair.

Step Four: Fold the headband over. In this step, keep in mind all the combs are hidden to make sure you can still insert them into your hair.

Step Five: Put the Curly Headband Wig on the head and fix each comb into the braids, which can prevent the hair from slipping off. Next, tie the adjustment belt tightly behind the hair.

Step Six: After inserting all the combs and the headband half wig have fully covered the hair of back, grasp the front of the hair, use a wide-toothed to brush it to make it neat and tidy, then take care of the natural hair so that the wig and your natural hair can blend together.

Some Tips You Need To Pay Attention To
1. Sectioning off the front of your hair may be the most important step in the whole process. In order to use your own hair to conceal the headband on the wig, so you must pull out enough hair to completely cover the band. But this method does require your natural hair to match the texture of the wig.

2. Like lace wigs, best headband wigs also need to require you to do some work on your hair before installing the curlty headband wig. After all, when you hide the headband on the headband wig, you need to place your wig on the back of your headband rather than your entire head.

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