adidas stan smith mens all white

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adidas stan smith mens all white

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The shoe is the adidas stan smith women pink, a white-leather number with pale green accents introduced in 1971, the year before Stan Smith (the player, now 70) earned his second and last Grand Slam singles title. Thanks to a well-orchestrated promotional blitz, this unlikely hero has made one of the greatest comebacks in marketing history, from a declining brand popular with suburban dads into a must-have for the ­fashion-savvy.

A shoe created by Adidas, named after the famous American tennis player. adidas stan smith mens all white signed a contract with Adidas in 1971 and since then, this model is probably one of the most successful designs ever. It was even listed in the Guinness World records for their incredible sales.

A must-have for all street savvy sneaker gals. The casual kick you can always dress up or down and you’ll know you’re rockin’ one of the top styles for adidas. With classic colorways, the adidas stan smith primeknit grey performs well all year round. Whether you’re dressing warm in jeans and coat or walking the street this summer in a dress or skirt, this sneaker won’t let you down.

These adidas stan smith shoes blue in shock mint green feature full front lace fastening. The synthetic green uppers with a rubberized coating are the reflective surface. Stan Smiths signature logo is featured on the tongue and the three stripes perforations on the instep and out step. Explore the range of colors and style of Stan Smith trainers now.
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