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"Presented by Billy’s as the latest installment in their on-going line of store exclusives, the capsule starts first with Vault level components, each of the upcoming pairs bearing a premium construction down to their canvas and suede. The ostensible lead, which takes on a CAP MASH HI LX namesake, is by far the most involved as it Frankensteins together not only two but four different models. Simple Authentic profiles lead along the lateral in white and black, its collar then further heightened thanks to the top half of the equally noteworthy Half Cab. The opposite side is then upgraded with a portion of the vans para mujer and the majority of the Old Skool.
In departure, the CAP MASH LO LX provides a slightly more refined complement as the patchwork design is not as evident due to the similar heights of its various parts. The vans para hombre are reused yet again in different ways as the former’s suede toe box lies as the foundation for the latter’s bright white Jazz Stripe. Eye stays atop both sides then complete their backdrop through additional strips and contrast eyelets, respectively, while the inside ankle makes use of the Slip-On‘s elastic lockdown.
Effectively mirror reflections of one another, the pairs share the same design and colorways, both hued in an arrangement of dark black and lighter sand. What’s central is the fabrications themselves as the imprint’s penchant for luxury and militaria is imbued through textured hairy suede overlays and an underlying ballistic nylon, respectively. stripes over top the latter are then ripped off near entirely, leaving behind only its stitch for an extremely minimal interpretation. The heel tab is then blacked out — or better yet, redacted — while the rest of the sole is marked with denotative text and black front bumpers.
For his first-ever collaboration with the “OFF THE WALL” brand, Betts has drawn not only from his 20+ years in the tattoo industry, which he’s helped define via a series of guides on lettering, but also his family. Spill and slip-resistant iterations of the click here, Slip-On, and Authentic don original camouflage patterns in either muted green, blue, or sand inspired by Betts’ grandfather.
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