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KIEV http://www.cheapmlbpiratesshop.com/willie-stargell/ , June 22 (Xinhua) -- Ukraine's central bank said on Thursday it may revise down the targeted indicator of the gross domestic product (GDP) growth for 2017 due to the worse-than-expected performance of the economy in the first quarter.

"Despite the intensification of private consumption and the quite high investment, the current dynamics of the GDP and its components poses the risks that the GDP growth in 2017 may be lower than the forecasted 1.9 percent," the bank said in a statement.

According to the updated data, the Ukrainian economy rose 2.5 percent year-on-year in January-March of 2017, lower that the bank's estimates of 3 percent.

Among the main negative factors that contributed to the lower-than-expected growth http://www.cheapmlbpiratesshop.com/ , the bank listed the railway blockade in the industrial eastern region of Donbas and the transition of Ukrainian enterprises in this region under the control of pro-independence insurgents.

The Ukrainian economy grew by 2.3 percent in 2016 after two years of decline.

Model of China-Russia commercial aircraft displayed in France

Three panda cubs born in NW China's Shaanxi Province

China donates 100,000 bags of relief food for drought-hit Kenya

Berlin Zoo says Chinese pandas will "feel at home"

Yoga fans practise yoga across China

Scenery of Zhagana mountains featuring Tibetan-style villages

Snow leopard cubs spotted at headwater region of Yangtze in NW China

In pics: 52nd Int'l Paris Air and Space Show

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* trading, or FX, are terms to describe the exchange of the world's many currencies. The * market is the biggest marketplace in the world. The daily volume of the fx market is more than $5 trillion USD per day. The biggest participant are national banks, commercial banks http://www.cheapmlbpiratesshop.com/francisco-cervelli/ , hedge funds, brokerages on the market. In the last 10 years the numbers of the retail clients significantly growing, because successful traders can make a lot money with * trading.

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