Wonderful Green Life, Better Us

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Wonderful Green Life, Better Us

Сообщение adtozhou » Чт окт 26, 2017 07:48 am

As the rapid economy developing, we start to focus more on green life than ever before, for not only the awareness of the environment protection are deeply rooted in our minds, also people have realized that it really matters the interests of ourselves and our offspring' development. Many people have corrected erroneous and backward ideas through our national education and publicity, which will further help us contribute to building a better home.

We all know that environment shapes a man. Thus it can see that environment depends on our living quality. And there I sort up some materials and data for you if you don't know how to set about to doing something in normal life.

Driving less

Every car can save about 44 liters of fuel, the corresponding reduction of 98 kilograms of carbon dioxide. If 12 million 480 thousand private car owners around the country can have done it, it will save about 554 million liters of oil per year and carbon dioxide emission can reach at 220 thousand tons. So if we choose bike or walk as our way to travel instead of driving 100 kilometers, we can save about liters oil. Or we go out by bus instead of self-drive travel within 100-kilometer, the five sixth fuel can be rescue effectively. According to above methods of energy saving travel 200 kilometers, we can reduce gasoline consumption per 16.7 liters and the corresponding carbon reduction is 36.8 kg. If the country's 12.48 million private car owners really do so, then we can save fuel-efficient 210 million liters a year with 460 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Green consumption and green purchase

When we go for shopping we should prepare bags or reuse plastic bag in advance. Because the raw materials of plastic are mainly from non-renewable sources of coal, oil, natural gas and other minerals. Saving plastic bags is saving the earth's energy. The annual plastic waste in our country exceeds one million tons, and "throwing" plastic bags has caused a huge waste of resources as well as caused a huge increase in the amount of garbage.

Using computer and printer reasonably

Replacing the standby screen protection when you don't use the computer, each desktop annual save 6.3 degrees electricity, which corresponding emissions carbon dioxide about 6kg per year. Every laptop computer can save electricity 1.5 degrees, 1.4kg of carbon dioxide emissions accordingly. If the 77 million computers from our country can be taken this measures, we can save electricity each 450 million degrees, 430 thousand tons of carbon dioxide. When using printers, you shouldn't shut down the electricity until you don't use it. In addition, when your laser toner cartridge broke up, a compatible toner cartridge with humanized design which is suitable for you to, its function of environment protection as the original at the same time you can pay less money. For example, when you 131a HP toner cartridges broken, you may not spend lots of money to buy a new one, for a new compatible HP 131a toner cartridge will be more cheaper than the original one and it is environment enough for you to meet your needs.

Certainly we can do some other small things which you can do whenever you want. Creating a wonderful green life for ourselves, we believe that our world will be wonderful through our efforts.
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