Maintenance of wood flooring

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Maintenance of wood flooring

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<P>Anti-fouling Every two or three months, you can play floor wax on the floor. Before waxing, should first dust scale, and then use a clean, lint-free soft wipes dipped in wax, from the side of the edge of the wood floor,стандартная площадь палубы над грунтом followed by circular wiping on the board surface.</P>
<P>To be evenly wiped again, and then the original rag (no dipped in wax) from the original wipe the edge of the Department, according to the aforementioned program in turn wipe again. Played waxy floor,наружный настил dubai поставщиков not only clean this Ze, a new look, but also can play a protective film, delay the role of aging.</p>
<P>Painted with three or five years later, the original paint can be the same paint the floor, the floor again paint again. Paint in addition to dust before cleaning,Хорошее использование деревянных панелей ограждения в maryland but also the application of fine water frosted paper, dipped in warm water, the board gently polished again, grinding off the residual oil, and grinding the last time to leave a small paint paint. After grinding with a clean cloth wipe clean, you can brush paint.</P>
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