NFL player who lives on $60,000 a year says

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NFL player who lives on $60,000 a year says

Сообщение Linda » Пн авг 14, 2017 13:12 pm

An alarming fifteen Justin Coleman Jersey percent of NFL players end up declaring bankruptcy. Wide receiver Ryan Broyles, who was drafted by the Detroit Lions in 2012 and is currently a free agent, is making sure he won't fall into that category. He and his wife have lived Kevin Faulk Jersey on about $60,000 a year throughout his career, he writes on The Players' Tribune: "I don't have cable. I use Apple TV and Netflix. My wife and I don't go out to eat a lot, and I make sure I pay off my credit cards every month." The athlete wasn't always Lavelle Hawkins Jersey good with money. "As a college kid, I paid everything late. Cell phone bills. Electric bills. Car payments. I didn't know anything about credit, and I didn't really care." It wasn't until Broyles Malcolm Butler Womens Jersey got to the NFL when he realized how those habits had affected his credit score.
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