Do the traditional classic and modern life combined furnitur

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Do the traditional classic and modern life combined furnitur

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<P>Custom home to the consumer to bring the layout of personalized, space and efficient sense of experience, so that consumers fully appreciate the "home culture" fun. Accompanied by the advent of the industrial era of 4.0,<a href=''>high top pub table and chairs</a> customized home market to meet the individual needs to rely on the realization of intelligent flexible production.</P>
<P>At the macro level, the world has gone through three industrial revolutions and has come to the fourth revolution today: Industry 4.0. At the beginning of the 21st century, Germany put forward the intelligent manufacturing as the core,<a href=''>Donde comprar silla de campamento mochila</a> with a highly flexible and personalized products and services characterized by the production model. Throughout this revolution, it is important that the liberation and development of productive forces. That is, capacity problems. For the custom of the custom home industry, the production capacity is also a problem can not be bypassed.</P>
<P>Seems to be derived from Ge uncle "private custom" this film, customized to become the new Zhang (side) was (then) a (up) sex (price) standards. To everyone clamoring for custom 2017, especially in the home industry, it seems that there is no custom to have talked about. Customized to become a standard,<a href=''>Cómoda silla de ocio ahora prefabricado</a> the problem is the one hand, customization of production capacity can not meet the needs of consumers, on the one hand the original supporting product surplus inventory can not afford to sell, the big business is also very heart. See it custom blue sea to change the Red Sea, can not eat quite willing to.</P>
<P>Big predators who have to give up the truth, hundreds of wins, good customers are not bad money to expand production base, trying to layout the country,<a href=''>practical camping supplies buying online</a> are in the release of production capacity to break through their own bottlenecks. In order to strangle the production of the throat, Piano and even in the prospectus to clarify that the first fund-raising is to lay the production capacity. On the whole, the pace of customization of household business capacity expansion has been advancing.</P>
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