flooring industry and Future Development

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flooring industry and Future Development

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<p>the city's transport, accommodation, tourism , Catering and other industries. "Guo Zhixian said," (China Changzhou) International Flooring Fair will continue to focus on the industry and the industry in Changzhou,<a href='http://projectstorm.co.uk/wpc-deck/2869.html'>plastic wall panels sale kenya</a> the overall development of the industry, making it the latest information on China's flooring industry information release platform to become China's flooring Industry 'one - stop' procurement platform, China 's flooring industry' s most authoritative trading platform, and eventually become China 's flooring industry, a professional event.February 18 to 20,tropical garden design ideas Jiangsu Kailai Wood Co., Ltd. in Liyang Tianmuhu held a three-day "Gloria </p>
<p>brand" strategic forum, the famous film star in Rongguang joined the Gloria team, as "Gloria brand" image Spokesperson, was born in the private enterprise "Gloria brand" has taken the Chinese flooring industry brand leader a solid step.<a href='http://projectstorm.co.uk/wpc-deck/4504.html'>hidden clip decking in ireland</a> Jiangsu Kailai Wood Co., Ltd. started from 2003, now has two production bases, four reinforced wood flooring production line, five paste production line, one of which is imported from Germany Hammer production line. Last year, the company completed sales income of more than 5600 million,bead board panelling for boat cabin of which 60 %% of products exported to the United States, Canada, Japan, Turkey, more than 10 countries and </p>
<p>regions, Changzhou wood flooring enterprises to become the leader. In order to further expand and strengthen the enterprise, "brand strategy" to become the company's new spiritual coordinates,<a href='http://projectstorm.co.uk/composite/815.html'>composite wood deck choose best composite decking supplies</a> "Kailai people" put forward a new business philosophy: "Gloria" is not only a manufacturer, but also to provide consumers with " Simple, fashion, beautify the home "program of the messenger, is the chief designer of the beautification of the family.Tekeminen aidasta laatikoiden pennuille Zhang Jianzhong, chairman of the company and general manager of strong Jinxiang said: "do a good job 'Gloria brand' will become our career, and our cause is like a battlefield, our goal is to win this war, so </p>
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