eading the last article

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eading the last article

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After reading the last article, the fate of a woman, I don't know if anyone has come up with a way out for a woman. I am here to write some words on behalf of a woman. As a daughter, she fights for a man and her parents. Under the father's brutality, he still has to marry a man. In addition to the beatings of his father, there is no other way to express his opposition. The father��s irrationality eventually led to the daughter��s refusal. I can think of the loneliness of a woman after marriage, even if she realizes her mistake, she is helpless. Parents gave up on her when she chose a man. I heard a woman say that she did not want to be looked down upon and chose to be strong. And her strength is not enough. Because it is only wrong to face up to her original decision, she is the real strong man who used to be eloquent, and once and for all after marriage. There is no way for a woman. A woman thinks of death and thinks that she can be free. Men don't let go, women can only go to death. How to let a man drop, I don't want to bother. When a man promises his wife, and the wife has to endure the man's mistake in a short time, this man, I don't want to go to the gods. Women want to get rid of men by death Marlboro Gold, geWhy do people live and live for the Five Fortunes and live with the Five Fortunes, longevity, wealth, Corning, good virtue, and good end. People have a good fortune, longevity, wealth, hospice or non-manpower can be around Cigarettes For Sale, but Corning, good people can do Newport Cigarettes. Kang Ning, healthy and inner peace; good morality, benevolent and adaptable to nature, three provinces, and five blessings. One day is not self-examination, such as not bathing in a day. In the long run, it is ugly and despicable. I don��t know that my disciples are concise and concise. However, the versions I have seen are not listed separately. The first readers are in a cloud Cheap Cigarettes, and it is inconvenient to divide the mirror. In the night, he listened to Da De Hu Xiaolin, and he said that there are 113 things in his disciples. He asked the mother to check this book. He said that the people in the left are acting in accordance with the law. If they are in accordance with the law mokingusacigarettes.com, they will be able to avoid evil. Director, in the long run, the five blessings of the door,t rid of their own heart and get rid of their despair. This is a way out, but it is not a way back. Do not talk about women's parents, nor men who talk about women. I am thinking about what kind of life a woman really wants. She missed the original decision, and she still believed in her heart that the original decision was correct, or that she could not believe that life would be like this. I made a decision that was absolutely incomparable, but it was wrong in the end. In fact, life is used to this kind of trick, in order to let people taste the taste, always love to tease people and hone people. The woman is really strong, she is obsessed with this and revives herselfThe woman was afraid, and she was afraid that the decision at the moment would be like the original decision, which made her suffer. At the beginning, she decided to save her man and her parents. In order to save herself, she is not the same as a man. The former brought her into an abyss that could not extricate herself, and the latter would pull her out of this abyss. Since I was so arrogant with my parents for the sake of men, now I no longer have the courage to endure despair for my own spirit. I think the tone of her conversation with her parents was horrible. She abandoned everything and was in vain. Now that the soul is suffering, but without the past, she wants to leave her parents, and she can't let her succumb to it. She seems to be so chic, she doesn't want to sneer, and she is forced to rely on others economically. I don��t want to admit my mistakes. The original decision was the mistake I made. The woman��s despair is on her own. I want to tell the woman not to complain that she is ruined in the man��s hand and put the man to think about herself. Maybe this is The way out for wome
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