aves, and even in this passion

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aves, and even in this passion

Сообщение ylq » Вт май 19, 2020 13:13 pm

If the heat of June can roast the lushness of August, maybe the coldness of December can blow leaves out of March. In autumn, the leaves are yellow and then fall, which is natural. Even if the ground is very thick, it may just be calm. We don't need to understand its laws. In autumn, we must know that there are yellow leaves, and then it is quiet. However, the ignorant child picked up a reddish leaf on a certain ground: "Yeah, autumn is here!" After a long silence [url=webvipsmoking.com]Online Cigarettes[/url], the snow melted in the spring, and the green and red were quietly drilled out , Even the sound of water can be touched in the ear, very clean. This should be a passionate season, maybe you are only used to falling leaves as a plaything in autumn. There are also fallen leaves in spring, no one told me, but I believe that even if someone told me, it is difficult for me to believe that the destination of fallen leaves is not just autumn. I have seen the fallen leaves in the spring [url=buyusacigarettes.com]Newport Cigarettes[/url], and I have stood by it for a long time. But I don't understand why it chose this season. At first, it didn't look any different. It still kept the green after winter, but it kept the cold after the rain and snow washed in quiet. The buds slowly opened their eyes on the treetops [url=cigarettesusastore.com]Cheap Cigarettes[/url], and then the chaotic green dotted between the trees. This is the new green of the year, but this is just the beginning, it must get rid of the leaves that have not been taken off. The green leaves after the winter, in the spring season, between the green shoots, suddenly began to wither and wither. The whole tree had gone its destiny and looked at the door of hell. Within a few days, the leaves, like the sand of the hand, flew open in the breeze; or the dandelion blowing away slowly disappeared. Maybe one or two pieces were picked up, and after a long time the wind pressed into a bookmark, or maybe it was swept away by any aunt as garbage, or maybe ... there are no more fallen leaves in the spring under the tree. At this point, the green dots on the treetops will spread out, and then experience the heat of June and June, the lushness of August, the coldness of December, and finally the quiet leaves in spring in March. Ye has an evergreen fate, perhaps not as striking as autumn leaves, and even in this passionate spring, pity and sentiment for many people. However, in this lonely time it has guarded the new green shoots. But the fallen leaves of autumn can only take the wind and finally rise with the wind, and then Chen rotten. It is true that March is the day of spring. It ��s quiet in such a season, which is inevitably sad. But the reason why the fallen leaves of spring chose this season is because it has gone through a year of hard work, and I want to take a look at the green beating on the branches Bud, maybe this is the hope, so it falls in March every year and then starts again in March
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