Prinect Signa Station v2017

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Prinect Signa Station v2017

Сообщение dvdged3 » Ср июн 17, 2020 14:30 pm

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Antenna Magus 2019.0.v9.0 x64
Altium Designer 15.0.15 Build 41991
AspenONE Engineering suite v8.7 Win
Aldec Active-HDL 10.1 32bit
Antenna Magus 5.3.0 Pro
Altium Vault
CSI Xrevit 2020
ArtiosCAD v18
AutoPIPE Vessel (Microprotol) V8i SS1
MapInfo Pro 17.0.4 x64
leica cyclone v9.4.2
AnyLogic Pro v8.5 x64
Amped FIVE Professional Edition 2019 Build 13609 Win32_64
Arqcom CAD-Earth v5.1.22 for AutoCAD 2010-2020, BricsCAD v15-19, ZWCAD 2014-2018
Arqcom CAD-Earth 6.0 for AutoCAD 2019-2020
Blackmagic v3.4
Chasm Consulting VentSim Premium Design
Simlab Composer v9.1.8 Multilingual MacOSX
Simlab Composer v9.1.9 Win64
Mentor Graphics HyperLynx VX.2.5 Win64
Mentor Graphics PADS Student-Pro VX.2.5
Cadence Allegro and OrCAD 17.20.052
CGG geovation v2013
CsJoint v9.0
Mechanical Simulation CarSim 2018.0 Win32_64
Cadence Forte Cynthesizer Linux
set.a.light 3D STUDIO v2.00.15
CD-Adapco Star CCM+ 10.02.010-R8
CSI ETABS 2015 v15.0.0.1221 x86+x64
CST Studio Suite 2015 SP1
Steelray Project Viewer 2019.1.69
Studio Tecnico Guerra Thopos v2019 Win64
Agisoft Metashape v1.5.0 Build 7492 x64
CIMCO Software v8.06.00
Dlubal SHAPE-MASSIVE 6.67.02
EzeJector.Ejector.Simulation v2017
National Pump Selector v10.6
NCH DreamPlan Plus v3.20
Simplify3D v4.1.1_x64
Steelray Project Analyzer v2018.9.21
Steelray Project Viewer v2018.9.65
Agisoft PhotoScan Pro Win32_64MacOSX
Chasm Consulting VentSim Premium Design
DICAD Strakon Premium 2018 Win32_64
The Kingdom Software 2019 smt
HDL Works HDL Desing Entry EASE 8.2 R2 WinLnx
Meteonorm v7.1.3
Maplesoft Maple 2015.0 Win32_64linux
Metacomp CFD++ v14.1.1 x64
Mentor Graphics HyperLynx v9.1.1
Missler TopSolid 7.9
BR&E ProMax v3.2.13330.0
OriginLab OriginPro 2015 SR2 version b9.2.272
OMRON CX-ONE 4.32 with Up
Opera-3d Modeller 13.0 Professional Edition win32
Paradigm v2011.3
DENTSPLY Simplant Pro v18.0
Inpho Photogrammetry 7.0.1
Plexim.Plecs.Standalone.v3.6.5 WinlinuxMAC
Plexim Plecs Standalone 3.6.4 WinMacLnx
RAM Elements V8i
RAM Structural System V8i Win32_64
EasyPower v9.7
Drive ES PCS7 V6.1
POWER and IR DROP Analysis Apache PowerArtist 2015
powerlog powerbench PowerlogFrac 3.5
Polar Instruments si8000 v10.01
Polar Instruments si9000 2011 v11.04
ProgeCAD 2016 Professional v16.0.2.7
Schlumberger.Pipesim.2014.1 Win64
SoundCheck 7.0
solidThinking Evolve 2015.4848 Win64
Silvaco TCAD 2014.00 Win32
Silvaco AMS 2014
Schlumberger Techlog v2013.3 Win64
SIEMENS Sinumerik SinuCom v7 7 Win32_64
SolidWorks 2015 SP2.1 Win64
Sonnet & Blink 15.54 Linux32_64
SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D TOOLBOX sw4 5 (incl. AccessMyMachine-p2p) SW 4.6 HF1
Strata Design 3D CX 7.5
Siemens FEMAP v11.2.0 with NX Nastran Win64
Synopsys CoreTools vJ-2014.12 SP1 Linux32_64
Synopsys Formality vJ-2014.09 SP3 Linux64
Synopsys IC Compiler vJ-2014.09 SP3 Linux64
Synopsys Milkyway vJ-2014.09 SP3 Linux64
Synopsys Synthesis vJ-2014(1).09 SP3 Linux64
Synopsys TetraMax vJ-2014.09 SP3 Linux64
Synopsys Embedit Integrator vJ-2014.12 SP1 Linux32_64
Synopsys Core Synthesis Tools vJ-2014.09 SP3 Linux64
VariCAD 2015 v1.09
Visual Vessel Design v2015
VeraCalc 6.0
Winsev v6.3
Wolfram SystemModeler 4.0.1
Bentley OpenPlant Isometric Manager V8i v08.11.11.294
Bentley RAM Connection CONNECT Edition v13.00.00.56 Win64
Bentley RAM Elements CONNECT Edition v16.00.00.37 Win64
Remcom WirelessInSite v3.2.0.3 x64
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Re: Prinect Signa Station v2017

Сообщение nikita01 » Чт янв 07, 2021 17:44 pm

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Re: Prinect Signa Station v2017

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Re: Prinect Signa Station v2017

Сообщение nikita01 » Чт янв 07, 2021 17:47 pm

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Re: Prinect Signa Station v2017

Сообщение nikita01 » Чт янв 07, 2021 17:48 pm

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Re: Prinect Signa Station v2017

Сообщение nikita01 » Чт янв 07, 2021 17:49 pm

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Re: Prinect Signa Station v2017

Сообщение nikita01 » Чт янв 07, 2021 17:51 pm

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Re: Prinect Signa Station v2017

Сообщение nikita01 » Чт янв 07, 2021 17:52 pm

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Re: Prinect Signa Station v2017

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Re: Prinect Signa Station v2017

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