If you can become successful with it

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If you can become successful with it

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They say everything is big in the Lone Star State- the cowboy boots Air Jordan 11 Shoes For Sale , longhorned bovines, steaks, cars, prairies, and piles of money. Texas unclaimed property that is. Texas comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn has almost two billion dollars in unclaimed * to give away to to residents of the state. Well, it isn't so much giving away as giving back since the lost * was already belonged to them. Funny thing is most of the two hundred thousand residents owed Texas unclaimed funds don't even realize they have funds owed to them.

People often forget about collecting salary or insurance checks when they find new jobs or move to a new home. They also forget to leave behind forwarding addresses after they relocate and this is one of the primary causes for missing checks. When business and financial establishments cannot find the rightful owners of these lost financial assets for 5 years (in Texas), they're turned over to the state as dictated by Texas Unclaimed Property Law which follows the country's escheat laws. The unclaimed property sit in the Texas state Comptroller's office until the rightful owners come to take them back.

Unclaimed assets in Texas covers anything from forgotten bank accounts Air Jordan Shoes For Sale , savings accounts, stock and * dividends, uncollected insurance benefits and money orders to gift certificates, un-cashed checks and contents of safety deposit boxes which have been determined to be abandoned by their owners. The latter is the only example of tangible assets dealt with under the Texas Unclaimed Property Law and and they're auctioned off on eBay after 2 years of being being held by the State Comptroller's office. So if you're looking for antiques or family heirlooms that your Texan relatives may have lost at some point, it's best to look soon or risk allowing them to show up on eBay.

Texas unclaimed funds division manager George Tamayo says "From our experience, we determined we were getting the most bang for our buck on eBay." and goes on to say "It's more cost-effective, because we are able to do the auctions ourselves." Texas was one of the first to use the online auction web site in early 2002 Jorjdan 4 Shoes For Sale , switching from the traditional method of selling off abandoned properties through live auctions. According to Jackie Schroeter, manager of safe deposit boxes in Texas, selling items on eBay saves her office time and effort. With the live auctions, the office of Unclaimed Property would have had to close down to coordinate them, due to lack in manpower. It only takes a handful of clicks with a computer mouse now.

The earnings from these auctions are handed back to the Texas unclaimed property fund where they can still be reclaimed by the people they belong to at any time. "The Unclaimed Property List contains the names of Texans with property valued at $100 or more that was reported to the state within the last year.", says Texas Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn who went on to say in a recent report, "Since I took office Jordan 12 Shoes For Sale , I have returned more than $532 million in unclaimed property to its original owners,"

This is excellent news indeed for people living in the Lone Star State, but don't think that the Comptroller is going to come to your front door and hand your lost assets to you. Unless you don't have an immediate need for extra bucks in your hands, you should search for unclaimed property in Texas or other states now!
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